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  1. Protected from or not exposed to danger or risk; not likely to be harmed or lost.



  1. Stadium And Facility Evaluationexperts in protecting your facilities from the damage due to the failure of a stadium, athletic or area lighting pole.

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The team at Stadium and Facility Evaluation (SAFE – a division of RTS) are focused and dedicated to a single goal: Preventing the premature and catastrophic failure of athletic and area light poles installed at your facilities.


Employing a comprehensive, integrated approach using the industry’s most detailed visual and non-destructive testing methods, SAFE’s team has the knowledge base, experience and inspection expertise to provide you with not just an assessment of your structures today, but guidelines and recommendations to improve their service life.

Whether you operate and manage a high school football stadium, a college baseball field or own a lighted commercial property, the inspection and assessment of these structures is critical to the success of your overall maintenance program.

Call (570) 359-3293 or email today and let the team at SAFE keep your students, visitors and tenants safe.

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Sports Lighting
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