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LED Lighting


In addition to our full range of inspection and repair services, SAFE also offers a variety of LED lighting solutions for the sports lighting and commercial/industrial real estate industries.


LED lighting offers several advantages over conventional fixtures including increased illumination, decreased electricity costs and longer service life with little to no required maintenance.


The process to move to a SAFE LED lighting system starts with a simple phone call to our offices and then one of our experienced team will make a visit to your location to take field and structure measurements which are then uploaded to a proprietary photometric software program to specify the correct fixture style, quantities and location for optimal illumination at your field or facility.


With LED lighting options ranging from 480 to 900 watts, SAFE has the correct product to provide the coverage you need – whether you’re lighting a small parking lot, a baseball field or a football stadium that seats 20,000.


Each SAFE LED fixture comes complete and ready to install with universal mounting brackets, drivers and wiring harnesses. SAFE can also provide professional installation through our nationwide contractor network upon request.

Interested in learning more? Call us today and let’s talk – LED lighting is the future of illumination and SAFE is your partner in bringing this technology to your stadiums and facilities nationwide.

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