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SAFE is pleased to provide our valued current and future customers with a selection of technical papers and documents regarding weld inspection for use and distribution.  We hope that these prove useful to you in the continued safe operation of your structures.

Qualification of Procedures & Welders

Steel Poles & Sensitivity to Fatigue

Welding Inspection FAQ

Pole Base Weld Toe Cracking

Discussion of Tubular Steel Monopole Base Connections: The Base Weld Toe Crack Phenomenon: Crack Identification and Proposed Severity Classification System

AGL Magazine February 2016 – Monopole Base Weld Toe Cracks and Why They May Collapse Your Tower

Planning Advisory Notice (PAN) – Welding Basics

Planning Advisory Notice (PAN) – Welding Discontinuities & Defects

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2010 - present

2010 - present

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