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Field Services


What now? Can these structures be repaired? Do they need to come down? How can I afford new poles? I don’t know a contractor I can trust!


If defects or issues are identified during an inspection, these and many other thoughts will be running through your mind. SAFE is here to assist and repair and rehabilitate your structures and give you the peace of mind you’re looking for.


Arriving on site with all materials and equipment needed to execute the project, SAFE’s field service teams are diligent, experienced and detail oriented – ensuring that projects are completed correctly and with limited disruption to athletic/student activities or visitors to your property.


Samples of the services that can be performed by SAFE include:


  • External corrosion removal and recoating

  • Galvanizing repairs

  • Grout removal or drainage installation

  • Installation of structural reinforcements

  • Replacement of anchor bolt nuts

  • Specification and installation of new baseplate stiffener and anchor rods

  • Crack and weld repairs

  • Repair and patching of damaged concrete

  • Replacement of step bolts

  • Replacement or tightening of safety cables

  • And much more!


Please give our team a call today at (570) 359-3293 or E-Mail us at to tell us about your specific needs.


Our appreciation for your trust and business will be shown in every phase of your project from the initial bid to the final inspection and sign-off, quality and safety are never compromised when SAFE performs a repair.

NDE Inspection
NDE Inspection
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