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Inspection Services


Often overlooked or neglected, the inspection and conditional assessment of stadium, athletic and area lighting poles is a critical part of any comprehensive facility management program and provides actionable information needed to ensure the safe operation of your stadiums, parks and commercial properties.


SAFE’s industry leading inspection services can locate and identify numerous defects and potentially damaging situations including:

  • Cracks and deformities in the critical structure welds, joints and attachments

  • External and internal corrosion and incorrect or no drainage in and around
    the structure

  • Cracking and spalling in concrete

  • Mechanical and vehicular damage

  • Cracked and broken anchor rods and nuts

  • Incorrect modifications made by installation contractor and other trades

  • Incorrect size and weight of installed light fixtures

  • Coating, galvanizing and paint damage and defects

A combination of visual inspection, non-destructive testing and analysis based on sound practices and experience with of thousands of structures ensure that an inspection performed by a SAFE team is conducted to the most exacting standards in the industry.


This commitment to inspection excellence is reflected from your first interaction with our staff to the final inspection report and recommendations – no guesswork, no assumptions – just detailed information that supports correct recommendations and ensures the safety of your structures and the people whose activities they illuminate.


Identify and fix minor issues before they progress. Identify and fix major issues before

a failure occurs. How? Call (570) 359-3293 or email us at today.

Athletic Field Lighting at Sunset
NDE Magnetic Particle Testing of Base Weld Connection
NDE Ultrasound Testing of Base Weld Connection
Telecommunications monopole with sports lighting installed
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